Stephanie, Aesthetician and Owner of Sapphire Aesthetics, specializes in holistic facials, corrective peels, facialplaning and brow design in essex, centerbrook, ct

Meet Stephanie Farrand, Licensed Aesthetician and Owner of Sapphire Aesthetics

Hello, I’m Stephanie!  I am a wife, a mom, an Aesthetician, Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner, natural living lover, ingredient label aficionado, essential oil & herb enthusiast, and a spirit junkie. I have been working in the skin health and beauty industry for over 17 years. The story behind my “why” is simple, I struggled with severe cystic acne from my early teens until well into adulthood. I have complete empathy for those who don’t feel 100% confident in their own skin since my journey held crippling insecurities and a feeling of isolation. I am deeply passionate about inspiring women to love themselves, to feel confident in their own skin, and teaching them how to age gracefully with an inside, outside integrative approach.

I received my aesthetic training in 2005 from Xenon International School in Omaha, Nebraska. From there I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where I worked and trained with a prestigious dermatologist. I became their lead Aesthetician and performed clinical facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser services as well as assisting the physician with more invasive aesthetic treatments. Then love struck and I met my now husband, together we moved to Connecticut where he grew up. I worked in a popular Medical Spa here in Connecticut for a couple years before opening my first business, Karma Skincare. As my philosophy on skin health evolved to a more holistic and integrative approach, Karma Skincare blossomed into Sapphire Aesthetics. I have combined my training in clinical skincare with my passion for holistic, toxin free living to help my clients achieve remarkable results without the use of ingredients that could harm the health and vitality of your body. I strongly believe you deserve to be healthy and beautiful!

When not at Sapphire Aesthetics, I am spending time with my husband, Chris and our two energetic children, Dacoda and Aerabella. We love quality cuisine, traveling, being outdoors and the beach.

I sincerely look forward to working with you on your skin health and self- care journey!