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Facial Reflexology for better skin, joy, and wellbeing

As living beings, we have a vital life force of energy flowing throughout our bodies. Just like our home or workplace is powered by electricity, our body is the same way. When the energy flows easily and freely, we feel good (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and we look healthy, confident, and vibrant! Stress, whether it […]

Can facials improve your health and well-being?

Have you ever had a facial that left you feeling disappointed, your skin looking worse, and your body feeling tense? On the contrary, have you experienced a facial that left your skin feeling hydrated and healthy, your confidence boosted and your body on cloud 9 from the release of tensions? Having been in the skincare […]

Self-love in action…

I have been feeling compelled to talk about self-love, not just because it is the “love” month but also because I know that the heaviness of the world right now is really weighing on each and every one of us in different ways. And I see in myself as well as those I care about […]